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Why Leap & Twirl?

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Leap and Twirl

...began because of a sad heart and a cute outfit. I was going through a very painful time in my life. It could have been just another bummer day, but I happened to be wearing an outfit that made my soul sing a little. As I was walking downtown wearing my sundress and cowboy boots, I felt a sudden childlike urge to leap and twirl down the street. I could have resisted and turned my attention back to my sad heart. But the sun was shining bright…and my sundress was blowing in the breeze….and I made a conscious choice to listen to my SOuL. I took a leap (yes downtown surrounded by others) and it felt liberating…and then I did a twirl and I felt FrEE. On that very day, I made it my mission to leap and twirl often. I leap and twirl literally and also figuratively, for a rich life requires taking many leaps (risk-taking) and twirling is all about choosing joy.

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