Ninjas of Nice

October 28, 2015



This is where it started.The first Ninjas of Nice Night. It was a very painful time for me as my 16 year marriage had just ended and I was grieving. I needed to do something positive and meaningful to take me away from my suffering… and it was important to me that my kids feel that their life was still fun and that their mom (me) would continue to let her light shine on them. I had become interested in guerrilla art as a way of spreading love and sunshine by using creativity and kindness. I was inspired to break out of the mundane daily routine, to create something… a moment to share. Spreading sunshine and engaging in shenanigans. I needed to connect with that part of me again.


It was simple. Our favorite friends. Basic art supplies and paper. Add stickers and embellishments as desired. Some snacks and drinks and laughs. Our favorite quotes mixed in with our own personal messages written out to create positive statement cards. Then the shenanigan part of the process. We psyched ourselves into ninja mode and got all giggly as we headed out into the night to spread the love. Love notes under windshield wipers, on store windows, in mailboxes, and anywhere we thought someone would enjoy a surprise dose of kindness. We got bold and handed them out directly to people. Bolder still …… as the kids ran up to the fire station to ding dong ditch (ring the bell and leave the love). Mission accomplished.


These photos still make me beam today with the happiness I was able to feel at the saddest time in my life.  Our kids talk about this night as one of their favorite memories. It’s a universal phenomenon that what you put out into the world comes right back to you. Shine your light!




 “Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.” ~ David Kessler



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