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My published writing.

Bella Grace is my favorite magazine. I discovered it at the bookstore where I was immediately mesmerized by its beauty and words . It is exactly symbolic of what speaks to my heart. It celebrates magic in ordinary moments. It celebrates simplicity. Its theme is- life as a beautiful journey. The photography is beautiful on gorgeous thick matte paper! Light and glowy and bright and artistic. The words are inspiring and they touch the deepest part of me. The essence of everything beautiful… the spirit of life. All bound up. All smushed in. All in all.

Bella Grace Magazine Issue 14

Humbuggery & Laughter

My composition including 15 ways to protect your peace during the holiday season; strategies to help my fellow spirit seekers resist the madness of the holidays.


All I Want: Simple Goodness

My first published piece in Bella Grace highlighting the richness of simple pleasures and comforts.

Bella Grace Magazine Issue 4


Bella Grace Magazine Issue 6

  • Magic in the Midst of Heartache

  • Hold On

Two of my articles were featured in this issue. I write about my superpowers of optimism, hope, and gratitude in relation to the heartache of divorce, and the power of love and friendship as a tender experience with a dear friend who is battling cancer reveals the grace and tenderness of a significant moment.


Bella Grace Magazine Issue 7

23 Ways to Love & Light Yourself Up

In this piece I share my own personal toolkit featuring ways I provide love and comfort to myself, and find the gifts in the ordinary.


Bella Grace Magazine Issue 19

JOMO: The Joy of Missing Out

My article on saying no to just about everything to indulge in a time-out geared towards healing and spiritual maintenance. 


Bella Grace Magazine Issue 22


This listicle features declarations of what I won't be doing in the new year. Letting go of who I used to be in order to make room for who I’m becoming.

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