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You Are One of a Kind

Please bear in mind...that Griffin House is MY boyfriend...but I'm willing to share him with you in the name of girlpower.

When you find yourself feeling sad, rejected, hurt, scared, less than, insecure, not enough, as we all do every once in a while........I urge you to have this song on hand.'s about relationships...but you can apply it to numerous down-and-out situations......

(the guy that says goodbye to you...the friend that says goodbye to you...the job that says goodbye to you...the opportunity that says goodbye to you....the audition that says goodbye to you...the contest that says goodbye to you.....the ANYTHING that says goodbye to you)

Because sometimes our US just needs an outside reminder that we are One of A keep us going til we remember ourselves.  AND....there is always a Hello waiting for us after a Goodbye.

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