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Vision Boarding Season

Happy 2016 crew!

It's been a while since I've written.  This is why:

  • I was working on a writing assignment for Bella Grace Magazine (this felt a bit more pressure since they challenged me to write a specific article, but YaY!).

  • Then it was Christmas.  (someday I will escape the madness of December)

  • Then I went to England for my Grandma's 100th Birthday!  (a totally special trip of a lifetime)

and here I find myself at the end of January.  January means a whole brand new fresh clean sparkling new year!  January does not mean resolution to me.  Resolution sounds negative and bland and so very business like.  Resolutions are loaded with failure and fixing problems.  No thank you!

For me, January means dreams and wishes and visions and opportunities and designing a year around my passions. It's all about the Vision Boarding!

I was invited to facilitate a vision boarding workshop on February 25th by my creative guru and fabulous friend Jen Blake who runs Ladies Art Night with Jen at Articipate in Berkley.  This will be an inspirational night with music, mod podge, positivity and connecting with like minded women who want to make shit happen!

You can register here:

In order to make the very most out of this night, it's best if you come prepared.  So I thought I'd give you an outline of my vision boarding process to help you get started.  This is how I begin my vision boarding each year.  If you're new to vision boarding you can follow this exactly or you can just pick and choose some ideas and modify to suit your own style.

Step 1:  Free write in your journal with all your random thoughts and ideas about everything you want in life.  Your wish list.

Ask yourself, if I could have anything, be anything, or do anything, what would it be?  Be specific.  Open up to your wildest dreams as well as simple ones and just write. We are brainstorming here.  What are you passionate about?  What trips would you like to take?  What are three things that come to your mind right away?

This is mine:  Eat healthy. Make art. Send more snail mail. Buy mini cooper. Write a book.  Art studio in backyard.  Travel and take photos.  Shop farmers market. Eat more plants. etc...etc...

Step 2:  Take your list and write a short summary of your ideal life as if you already have and are everything on the list.


You get the idea.

*Here's a tip.  If you haven't yet before, think for a minute or two about your vocation in life.  We all want to live a life filled with more meaning and significance.  This helps me as each year I start with my purpose and fill in the gaps with my hobbies and family and job etc.  A great resource to help you learn more about your vocation is from Elizabeth Gilbert (of course) and you can find it here:  Words about Vocation by Liz Gilbert

Step 3:  Create a Pinterest Vision Board

This is where we have some fun cultivating a visual representation of all the things we want.  Create a board and name it 2016 Vision Board (I know. Very creative) or whatever your heart's desire.  Do a search for each theme/item on your wish list.  For example, I started with searching "travel photography" and picked one or two images that inspired me the most.  I typed in "Farmers Market" and then found a few photos that were visually appealing and significant to me.  I got specific with "Eastern Market"  Next, I knew that Amy Poehler had a quote that I loved about surrounding yourself with people who do things so I just searched for Amy Poehler quotes.  I ended up finding a few that were significant to me.  (of course! I love her).  You will find that once you start searching, other images somewhat related or not will pop up and interest you and lead you to discover a few curiosities that you may be intrigued with.  Go with this!  Follow the clues to what speaks to you.  Nothing is off limits.  This is your WISH list!

Follow Leap and Twirl's board 2016 Vision Board on Pinterest.

*Make sure to edit the description of each pin to include a statement to remind yourself of the significance to your goals.

*Try not to overburden your board with too many pins or you'll lose track of your main focus.  Pick a few important goals to focus on.

Step 4:  Print out all of your Pinterest Board Photos and any other visuals that inspire you.  Bring these to the Vision Board event where we will supply mod podge and all the tools to create a physical representation of your dreams.  The act of physically using your hands and creative brain together along with the feeling of connection and good vibes at this event will help manifest your visions to happen in your world.

Now you're ready and mentally prepared for our vision board art night!!!!!

Dreams+ Intention+Brain Power+Physical +Good Vibes = Manifesting your Wildest Dreams and Greatest Goals!

Can't wait to connect with everyone!

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