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Updated: Oct 5, 2019

Sometimes, our truths are hard to admit even to ourselves.  As much as I love my me, sometimes I have to face the fact that she's not the woman that I had envisioned.  For example, it disappoints me that I'm not the kind of person that loves when someone drops by, but that is one of my truths.  ..and I had always envisioned my future me to throw parties all the time and say things like "the more the merrier". 

As much as I'd like to be that person, I'm just not.  It turns out that the me that I developed prefers one-on-one interaction or very small groups to share a more intimate experience.  It's interesting to really think about what you wish were different, but what is not going to change because that's just who you turned out to be.

A few more of my truths:

  • I do not subscribe to "the more the merrier".

  • I'm not a "stop by anytime" kind of girl.

  • When I'm feeling on top of the world, I quickly become scared of the fall.

  • I haven't trusted myself in the past to make my own decisions and to know what's right for me.

  • I have more fear inside me than I want to admit.

  • I have an amazing gift to help others follow their dreams, but I'm not always folllowing my own.

Tuning in to your own denial and facing your truths is a great way to accept yourself and set your soul free.  I created this exercise by accident when writing to a friend about what's getting clearer to me as I get older.  She loved it and in turn created her own list of truths!

What are your truths? Beware, as they could make you cringe, cry, and blush. However, the truth shall set you freeeeeeeeeee.
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