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True Blue

When you look at this picture...what do you see?

I used to be the type that would care about my chipped nailpolish and maybe not ever show this picture. When younger, it's possible that I would have gone to take the photo of the bluest lake I know, and changed my mind altogether because of an imperfect pedicure.

The greatest gift of age and evolution is that you become the type of person that forgives their imperfections and focuses on the beauty and the magic and the sparkle and the treasures of the universe...of life.

When what you notice is that the lake is the exact color of your sparkly turquoise nailpolish....and when you are in awe of mother nature....and when you can actually close your eyes and feel a color and can fully experience the magic of the are lucky and living true.

I wish for you to be able to see with your heart.  <3

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