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The Soul Wants

All I want is to live in a cozy little charming darling of a house. Nothing big and fancy I tell you! I want to walk in the sunshine. everday. but I will settle for ALMOST every day.   I want to ride my bike in the wind. The warm wind. I want to wear sundresses and boots and fancy sparkly thingies in my hair. I want to do yoga and breathe in the goodness of each day.  I want to eat popsicles and write in my journal. I want to live in the light. I want to glow with goodness. Be inspired. Love my truth. I want to pay my bills by candlelight with a carefree soul. I want to cook while listening to music and drinking wine. I want to wake up early. and like it. I want to take photographs just after dawn. I want to share a sunrise on a beach with a special someone. I want a pure heart and a fresh mimosa. I want to trust my instincts. I want to be in touch with my soul. I want lots of nature. a vibrant downtown. a piece of beach. I want peace. Within. and out. I want a GRITTY life with texture and meaning. I want to bask in the sunshine. I want to gaze at the clouds. I want romance and sex. both raw and rich. I want a manicured lawn with a touch of wildflower. I want a garden gate. I want simplicity, beauty, art and books. I want to raise freethinking daughters and bask quietly in their lives as they reach forward to their own destinations while I let go of mine. and free.

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