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Star of My Story

I do so declare myself to be a perfect concoction of imperfection. Just f*cked up enough to be considered interesting.

Oh... you should know that I like to fancify my profanity with stars. It just looks prettier and it's my way of easing into inappropriateness..

{P.S. How fun is it to say the word concoction?? It sounds like it should be inappropriate yet it's just fancy}.

Most importantly though, you should know that I have a kind heart... and since I've just read that there's nothing more glamorous than a kind heart, well then I must also declare myself glamorous.

I have a real-woman body and I have to remind myself every day how sexy that is. I really do believe it. It's just that some days when I'm looking in the bathroom mirror and the curves and swerves are highlighted ever so candidly, I have to affirm it with concerted effort (those are usually limited to the dark side of the moon days).

Luckily, a lovely outfit (I prefer Bohemian with a touch of Fancy) provides a huge sense of relief, and then I can throw that sexy all over the place.

I once read an advertisement which said, "My Beautiful: A great pair of jeans, a sexy fragrance, and a brilliant attitude." So true! So me!

Most people know me on the surface and think that I'm rather sweet with impeccable manners and good grammar.  They are absolutely right of course!   I've been told by some after getting to know me that they presumed I was a touch prudish upon first meeting me.  This was soon cleared up once Facebook came to town.  There's no turning back now I'm afraid.

Really though... we are all so complex with our thoughts and history and moments and secrets.  Our experiences have made each of us who we are.   

I am so much more than the girl they think they know.  

So when I hear what people assume about me I'm amused.  I try to make myself look outside of "me" to try and see what they see. (admit right now that you've done that too)  because if they only knew my "story" and who I am. So much of everything.

One of my theme songs by the way is "I'm a Bitch"by Meredith Brooks..... because it's absolutely true. I am a bitch, mother, child, lover, sinner, saint.... and I do not feel ashamed!

Anyways, I always remind myself when I am moving through life to live as if I am the starof this story..... and dammit.... what kind of character do I want to be????? It changes all the time. Sometimes day to day. Because I am composed of so many different feelings and I am always changing and growing.

My motto, however, does remain constant. "To Thine Own Self Be True."

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