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Saucy Vixen Club

Back when we were freshmen in college, a very vivacious friend and I thought it would be fun to create  our own private club to guide us in our college experience.  We even got a special notebook to write down what was important to us and composed a guidebook for ourselves with special rules to incorporate our philosophies.  To give you an idea of what kind of rules we were imposing on ourselves, the one that stands out in my mind was;

(are you ready for this?)

We will always wait two months before having sex with any guy that we're dating."

I honestly remember the guy I had the hots for walking me back to my dorm after a long frustrating night of trying to get in my pants, and me saying, "I'm sorry, but I have a two-month rule."  Today, that makes me smile really big because apparently the hard-to-get two-month rule really works in reigning them in since he's now been my husband for fifteen years.

So I started thinking about what my guidelines are today, as I strive to participate in The Saucy Vixen Club to encourage good cheer, vivaciousness, and authenticity. I've already written at length about frilly underwear so you know where I stand on that.  We vivacious women each must have our own individual guideposts that align with each of our own personal philosophies since the most important thing is to strive to be true to ourselves.  Here are some that are important to me that may inspire YOU too.

  1. *Read . inspirational and motivational books consistently.  Realize that you can't stay positive and upbeat without working at it. Words mean so much.  Surround yourself with people who uplift you, motivate you, and encourage your true spirit.

  2. *Evolve.  Be a thinker.  Create your own expectations.  Don't follow rules that are formed around others expectations. Be aware of what's important to you...Know who you are.  Discover your true selfand make it a point to be authentic. This is such an ongoing process in life if you're evolving the way you should.  Realize your authenticity and then CREATE a mission in life.

  3. *Own a journal. Record your dreams. Write down your goals.

  4. *Encourage your animalistic and fantastical self.  Write a sex fantasy every now and then.  It will fuel your fancies.  I once wrote a sex fantasy using most of my Facebook status updates.  I think it's one of my best. ;)  How fun would it be to start a sex diary club?!  Who's in?

  5. *Simplify.  More stuff equals more stress.  Less stuff equals more life.

  6. *Music is a necessity.  It is a surefire way to bring out your true self.  Listen to what speaks to your soul.  Sometimes you just want to rock out and pretend you're the Whitesnake video girl.  Other times you want to turn on the love songs and moon over anyone who's ever broken your heart. Music is the best way to process your feelings.  Dance and sing while cooking dinner or even while yelling at your kids (their reactions can be hilarious).  Also, Coffeehouse on Sirius is my favorite radio station of all time. It's all acoustic and I firmly believe that if everyone listened to this kind of music daily, there would be nothing but peace and love in this world.

  7. *Creativeexpression is essential.  Everything that you create whether it be a painting, a meal for your family, a report for work, an outfit, or a book that you are writing, is a reflection of who you are.  Make everything a masterpiece.  Believe you are an artist.

  8. *Be grateful.

  9. *Misbehave. Not ever with intentions to cause harm.  Just nurture that spark, fun, excitement, zest, fear.   You are never too old to engage with your silly side.  In fact, you become old when you remove silly from your soul.  I have a wonderful group of friends who have been participating in shenanigans during our girls weekends for years.  We like to cause a ruccus.  So far we have visited sex stores, stirred things up at the local strip bar (there's nothing like seeing the faces of men drooling over 20 year old naked girls as a gaggle of 30 something confident crazy women come to join the naked fun), spied on a group of  our old college guys on their golf weekend . We thought we were actual ninjas that night.  Then there was the private striptease from a guy that had a fantasy of stripping in front of a group of girls (Shit! We're wild).  We always look for fresh and new naughty ideas.  It never gets old...and we don't either.  Girls I think the next thing should be a nude photography session.  Every woman should have a nude portrait that they can look back on.  Who's in?

  10. *Laugh a lot and embrace those beautiful laugh lines. The years will be our friend.

  11. *Chocolate. Indulge. Daily.

  12. *If you can't relate to Madonnaon some level.... then saucy vixenness is probably just not your thing. :)

  13. *Learn change grow...Learn change grow.

  14. *Make it your mission to LEAP AND TWIRLoften.


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