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Saucy Suggestion

Sexy and/or frilly underwear are essential.  Some may say that this is feeding into a man's desires.  Yes, it does happen to be a huge hit in the manpleasing department.  However, taking pride and pleasure in feeling sexy underneath your clothes is absolutely just for you.  It  is meant to fuel your own desires.  

When you're wearing pretty underwear, it allows you to carry yourself like the sex kitten you know you are.  You've got to know how to turn YOURSELF on FIRST! Give yourself a sassy, saucy, sexy, sultry spring in your step.

I discovered this at a very young age.  Please understand that I grew up in Windsor where many a young girl's dream is to be on stage ~ as a stripper. We saucy Canadians have been wearing thongs and g-strings since puberty.  My friend Kelly and I started our lingerie fascination in Grade 7.  We would save our babysitting money and take great pleasure in the hunt for the sluttiest undergarments we could find.  We went from sticker collections straight to panty collections.

Keep in mind that we didn't actually put the sexy lingerie to good use for a few more years.  (I'm from good stock ;)).  Parading around in those panties hidden beneath our Jordache Jeans was simply about the giggles, sparkly feelings, and attitude that they provided.  Nowadays, as real live grownup women, we can be, as my amazing and saucy friend Christine puts it "proud, free-loving, spirited, fantastically in touch spiritually with our most wonderfully talented gorgeous sexually superior selves."  Start with your underwear.

"I see London. I see France. I will travel the World in frilly underpants".
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