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I came across this video a few months ago and immediately shared it with all my friends. It is sooo true and fabulous and embodies everything we need to remind ourselves at whatever stage we are along our journies.

Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat Pray Love is a fascinating woman to begin with, and her words and authenticity are inspiring.  What struck me the most in this speech is when she summarizes Martha Beck's definitions of the types of women that there are in this world.  The last category of woman is.........

THE MYSTIC.  ~ A small sect of women who have found a deeply resonant inner voice that they listen to. They negate everything else and they follow that path wherever it takes them.

Grab your favorite beverage in a pretty glass, sit in your most comfortable spot, burn a candle or two, and WATCH THIS VIDEO!!!!!!  I guarantee you'll be inspired.

Elizabeth Gilbert's Talk on O's 10th Anniversary

....and let's all aspire to be mystics.

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