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I am always collecting words that speak to my soul.  Essays, articles, books, and quotes that help me and remind me to let my light shine through.

  Turn on your heartlight...let it shine wherever you go ~Neil Diamond

I save them and then read them over and over because I believe that staying true to yourself requires consistent inspiration and daily effort.

Here is an excerpt from an article that I found by Colleen Rose Dante at  It's one of my favorites and has helped me through a very tough time.

"The power of one means making the choice to be responsible only for our own reaction in a situation and not allowing ourselves to blame or judge. Instead, we live the light of forgiveness in every situation and watch as our own mind bows to our heart. Once we stop blaming and judging, we become capable of living our lives outside of the drama of reaction and begin to watch for the moments we can heal the world simply by smiling or making eye contact with another. We find in the power of one that we truly begin to live as our souls are born to. The time and energy wasted on believing the drama the mind creates and living within it, is freed up to spend figuring out more and more ways to bring joy and ease to others in the world. "

Can I get an amen?!

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