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Hardcore Dreamer

I am so tired of the negative discussion about the real estate market, the economy, gas prices. I am sick of wallowing in the misery. When times are tough I am reminded of something I know deep inside.. and that is... WE create our own universe... and happiness. There are so many choices and options out there. This is MY life!

It can be so hard - so truly difficult to follow your own desires when the dreamstealers are literally everywhere.

Sometimes they can be your closest family and friends.  They mean absolutely NO harm. I know that they want the very best for us and they fear for us making any mistakes along the way. Society in general is quick to spread their fear over us and it takes a lot of energy to discard that fear.

There are also the well-meaning friends who might belittle our dreams and goals because they are different than theirs. We can love our friends and still follow our own paths.

Safety and security? or Risk and Adventure? I am attracted to the latter from my deepest core. There are the people in your life who try and prevent you from following a different path from theirs because they may be fearful, a bit jealous, or they wish they had the courage to do the same. It does take courage. It takes so much internal seeking to follow your own course. You've got to stop listening to what society, the country, the world tells you what you should want and who you should be.

You've got to follow your own light... the inner voice... it's so hard to hear most of the time when you've got so many external voices and opinions and judgement.  However, I try to remember one of my favorite quotes from Cheryl Richardson.

"Someone else's past does not equal your future. When faced with a naysayer, smile, say thank you, and turn around. Stick with positive people who believe in you."

Sometimes your own personal quest will align with the popular choice... the herd. That's ok. It's not about going against the grain or "sticking it to the man". (Did I reallly just say "sticking it to the man"?) It's about looking within, feeling your own energy. Follow the path and dreams that your soul is searching. Dream, envision... create and learn. The clues are all there. Follow them and focus. When I say all these things it is not as though I think I am some great teacher. It is more that I am reminding myself. I need to work on focus. I have the dreaming and envisioning thing down pat.... Hardcore Dreamer... that's me!

If you haven't caught on yet, you will soon see that I have an ever-changing list of dreams and goals and desires. The truth is that I want it all and I want it now. For so long I was thinking that I needed to be an expert in one thing instead of dabbling in everything. Here it is. The moment of truth.

It's looking like I won't ever be an expert in one thing because WHO I AM is a lot of everything.

I'm wired to be a mover and a shaker - but not in the sense of importance - I mean a real person who has the urge to move change grow... move change grow.... and although that means that I'll never specialize in one thing - it makes me happy just to accept that this is me.

I will embrace it fully knowing that there are so many occupations, ideas, things to do, out there that look like so much damn fun that I have to try everything! In my eyes that means I am embracing LIFE and I will smother myself in the very many joys of the world.

I was talking to a friend of mine (Julia) yesterday about this sort of thing. She commented that there are 2 types of people in this world. One type needs security, safety, stability - the desire to stay in one place and nest. The other type is a free bird - one who needs adventure, freedom, change, and possibility. (By the way......POSSIBILITY ...... sweet sweet possibility... it is my favorite thing in the whole wide world - "called it. stamped it. can't erase it. black magic" ..... or however that goes Ginny ;)

I am a free bird. More like a free radical. .... and whoever YOU may be - let there be NO shame in your game. Be true to you.

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