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Happy Week

As I've mentioned... I suffer from PMS very badly. I would like to also note that I never had PMS before I got married. hmmmmmmm.... interesting.

In college, I didn't even really believe in PMS. I couldn't relate at all. So many things were different in college. No responsibilities. I never worried about anything. I was so laid back. Maybe it was so easy because I only had to ever think about myself and I totally controlled my own life.I had my own space.

I'm thinking that even today..... if I could just live by myself, my PMS might magically go away.

Can you even imagine living alone????.......ahhhhhhhhh. I do love my husband and kids.... very much in fact...... BUT I think it would be the best of both worlds if I could be next-door neighbors with them. Two houses side by side. How fun would it be to get a booty call from your spouse???? You could do the walk of shame afterwards . except you wouldn't be that ashamed. Whining kids...... "sorry I have to go now...bye!"

Anyways, that just might be the relief that my family needs even more than I do FROM ME and the wrath of my PMS.

Friends here's the problem. I'm finding that as I get older my PMS is getting worse... much worse.... in length and severity. It used to last a few days,. and then a week,. and now it seems that I start my PMS symptoms as soon as I ovulate. I can feel it... and I'm a bitch... starting then.... gradually progressing little by little for a full two weeks up until my period into a full-fledged psycho monster bitch goddess from hell. Then I start my period and although the cramps knock me off my feet, there is also sweet relief from the bitchiness.

Finally, there is the week after the period......... I call it My Happy Week. It's the one week out of the month where everything falls into pure synchronicity. I am living la vida loca..... I am at my skinniest.... my skin glows.... my mood shines......I'm sparkling bright as the star of my story...and life is just fantabulous!

I really need to remember to make all of my plans for that week. My One Shining Silver Lining Happy Week.

Assignment: Calculate your Happy Week and plan accordingly.

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