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Embracing the Ebb

Today I woke up...feeling unhealthy...negative....depressed.....feeling the flow of my life and its creativity come to a halt. Slam!  Was it that my kids were home from school invading my precious territory of peace and quiet .....or the weight of needing a job..a big girl make money and provide some independence...Blah. ..or simply the bloated result of the massive amounts of tequila and salt in my steady diet of margaritas as I avoid responsibility, fitness, and progress?

Regardless, last week I was flowing....designing a business, creating art and completely inspired....and this week I'm EBBING.  (and No ~ I'm not PMS-ing!)

So I set out to enjoy a day of depression without feeling guilty about it, as even optimists are allowed to  wallow in their own misery from time to time.   My idea was to watch a few sad movies, have a good cry, swear, not shower, steal some of my kids' Halloween candy...and just feel sorry for myself.

After my coffee, I went into my bedroom to retreat under my covers and immerse myself in worry, negative energy, and darkness.  As I lay there, one of my favorite books in the whole wide world which sits beside my bed started calling to me. "Simple Abundance".  It's pink so how I could I resist for god's sakes!  I decided I would allow myself to read today's inspiration. Just one!  I opened my favorite pink book of positivity and inspiration feeling the guilt as I was about to cheat my dark side.

The title?! "Embracing the Ebb". I. Shit. You. Not.  ....and this is what I read:

~~~~There once was a mighty queen with a short fuse. One autumn, as the year was  beginning to ebb, the queen fell into a deep melancholy. She could neither eat nor slumber, and tears of an unknown origin fell frequently, which infuriated her, triggering angry fits that made those around her quake in fear.

"Surely., there must be someone who knows the source of my suffering. " The queen cried in despair.

Finally, the royal gardener was moved by compassion for the poor woman and slowly approached her throne.

"Majesty, it is not your body or your mind that is ailing. It is your soul that is in need of healing.  For while you are a mighty and powerful queen, you are not Divine.  You are suffering from a human condition that afflicts us all.  Earthly souls ebb and flow in sorrow and joy according to the seasons of life, death, and rebirth.  These are the days to be grateful for the harvest of the heart, however humble it might be, and to prepare for the coming of the year's closure.  Even now, the season of daylight diminishes and the time of darkness increases.  But the true Light is never extinguished in the natural world, and it is the same in your soul.

 Embrace the ebb, my beloved Queen, and do not fear the darkness.  For as night follows day, the Light will return and you will know contented hours once again. Of this I am sure."

The unhappy queen considered this wisdom thoughtfully and asked the gardener how she possessed the secret knowledge of inner peace during the seasons of emotion. The gardener led her to a brass sundial. It read: This too, shall pass. ~~~~

What can I say? The Universe fricking loves me! Now I'm going to get back to my in my oneness with Mother Nature....and sweet synchronicity.

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