Choose Lucky

Many years ago, after winning big at a casino in Monaco, one of my dearest friends and fellow European adventurists, Holly, declared

That I had a horseshoe up my ass.

That everything always goes right for me.

That I'm one LUCKY motherfucker.

It's true, I had never even been to a casino before and on my second try at the slot machines, I was a winner.  The lights started flashing and the clinging and clanging of money falling falling falling into the dispenser gave me a huge rush.  I can see how people get addicted to gambling....because winning sounds good and feels even better.

However lucky.....

It doesn't mean that I'm not sad sometimes.

It doesn't mean that I don't experience pain and hurt.

It doesn't mean that I'm always happy.

It doesn't mean that I'm always strong.

It doesn't mean that I always win.

Lucky means....

That I get to be me.

That I can celebrate my imperfections

That I have so much love in my life.

That I can let my light shine through.

That I can embrace my pain and let it show me a lesson or two.

That I can love life and let it love me right back.

Life is like that casino and the choices that we make are each somewhat of a gamble.  We are all just hoping to experience the clinging clanging of  happiness and feel the rush of winning.  However, I know that when I'm experiencing a loss, I will always remind myself of that horeshoe up my ass.  Even when it's difficult and I have to try and see it through some tears.

Yes, I choose to be one lucky motherfucker and thus it is so.

©2017 by Leap & Twirl