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Bubbly Introvert

I'm thrilled to inform you that I've just discovered that I am in fact NOT crazy.  I've filled you in via facebook in the past that I do indeed possess a dichotomous personality.  No. I'm not bipolar.  It's just that my personality has always clashed with itself.  Well, I've just found a name for it.

This is thanks to my everlasting appetite for information, and my desire to read about how demented we all are.  I read Psychology Today from time to time.  Yes that's the kind of girl I am.  Inquisitive.  A curious seeker looking to delve into the human condition and the commonality of our weirdness.  I consider it a beautiful thing......our shared fuckedupedness.

There was an article about mixed signals and being misunderstood.  The article was followed by a guide about the most frequently misunderstood types.  and there I was!  The Bubbly Introvert.  Hooray! I'm not crazy.  (When there's a name for things, it helps us think we aren't crazy...shhhh.  let me take comfort in this please.)

Anyways, here it is:

"The Bubbly Introvert:  When people come across as vivacious, exuberant, and cheerful, we assume they're extroverts. But some lively people are actually gasping for time to themeselves.  Having good social skills isn't the same thing as wanting to be around people all the time."

"The Fix:  Like other introverts, bubbly introverts have to be vigilant about guarding their alone time. "

ahhhhhhh.  This diagnosis was like a chunk of dark chocolate for me.  Seriously this has been a struggle of mine for as long as I can remember.  I've always loved having fun and socializing and then I become exhausted and need a reprieve.  I have admitted to being a social hermit, but have never really met anyone else like this.  This is my truth.

Anyways, now I can officially tell people that I'm a Bubbly Introvert and I'm sorry it's a curse.

Some others:

  • The Shy Extrovert

  • The Effeminate Heterosexual

  • The Accidental Flirt (Now this one is fun too!)  "Some people are so naturally flirtatious that they send the wrong signals, inadvertently communicating ""I want to sleep with you"" when what they really means is "I'm friendly" hahahahhaha! That just described most of my sister saucy vixen friends!

So it's official.  I'm a misunderstood type and the next time that I'm being a social butterfly and happen to graze your husband's trousers just so..... please know that I'm just being friendly and I will be disengaging and retreating to solitude in no time.

And also know that I don't use the word trousers in real life.  It just seemed the right fit for that sentence.  Only Grandpas wear trousers and I'm not that kind of girl.

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