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Brave Spirit of the Wind - Crown Making

I am following my creative expression instincts. Why? It's a combination of my life coach, Lara Galloway, who has allowed me to get clear about how I spend my time (and so much more), the book Big Magic by one of my favorite authors and speakers Elizabeth Gilbert, which has given me permission to run with my curiosities, and the 80% approach that has relieved my perfectionism and shifted my life in 2015. This past weekend, I was inspired by the Wild Roots, Sacred Wings retreat to create these beautiful crown headdresses with my stepdaughter. Wild Roots Sacred Wings is a gathering for adventurous souls - embodying everything I hold dear - creativity, spirituality, quiet, and connection. It's on my bucket list for 2016, but in the meantime I have been savoring all the photos from this year's gathering and had spied these mystical headdresses that were created. I was drawn to this project immediately. There's something in me that still feels that childlike urge to dress up and pretend. The adult in me connects with the idea that I am the star of my story and of course I need a crown. The hippie spirit earth mama in me just wants to adorn myself in nature's elements because I am a Woman who Runs with The Wolves. (You need to read that book my fellow freedom seeking friends).

I wasn't sure exactly how to make a headdress, so I had to cook up my own interpretation. I went to Michaels and picked out anything that appealed to me, flowers, feathers, moss, and twigs. I happened to have a few tiaras from the dollar store that I could use as the base. Then glue gun, wire cutters, creative inspiration and done. Taking off into my flight of fancy and simply improvising when inspiration strikes resulting in an ultimate creative high.

So here we are; Brave Spirit of the Wind and Bold Sprite of the Rainbow.

...and of course, when you're not wearing your crown, they make amazing additions to the decor in your home. Brave Spirit of the Wind is featured in a glass encased candle jar in my dining room while Bold Sprite of the Rainbow sits atop a painted skull in a bedroom.

Assignment: When inspiration strikes, take off into your flight of fancy. Pretend. Play. Improvise. Create........ Leap and Twirl!

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