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Almost 40 and MORE

How did we get to be almost 40?

I was talking to a girlfriend of mine from high school and she said something referring to how she was almost 40 and it took me aback.  How could that be?  and for a split second I had a panicky feeling inside me because high school is so very far behind me.  because I can't look forward to my future.  because I AM my future.

So many people I know are mortified with gettting older.  Of course, I'm not happy that my boobs hit the wall this year.  No.  Not happy about it. Thank the universe for Victoria's Secret and the evolution of the bras of false misrepresentation.   I've also  talked about my bitch lines at length.  Those very first faint lines showed up when I turned 30 and have been gaining a magnificent presence on my face ever since.

HOWEVER, I absolutely believe that  aging is beautiful.

Each year allows our inside light to strengthen and grow and shine and sparkle on the outside.  We all know that the most beautiful women are the ones that radiate their confidence.  They are the ones who take care of themselves and are comfortable with their vanity, but they've learned, lived, loved, laughed, and you can see it in the wrinkles around their eyes when they smile and you can sense it when their cheeks are beaming.  They are smart, accepting.... always changing and growing.

There is something so completely loving and comforting to me when I see my friends with their twinkly eyes set off by their laugh and bitch lines. I promise it's not because I take great satisfaction in their aging.   It fills my soul because I have experienced life with these women. I have grown up with them, met them in college, or as moms down the road and we have shared our deep and whacky journey together.

Also, I'd like to point out a wonderful irony about life after 40. A few extra pounds finally pays off by creating a more youthful appearance.  Skinny young've had your moment in the sun.  The time is now ours to flaunt our curves and swurves and confidence and experience and skill and fun and scrumptiousness that only come with age.

I  have a special treat for myself when I turn 40.  "More" magazine is a publication designed for women over 40.  It's filled with articles of substance and inspirational women.  I know this because I take sneak peeks at it when I'm at the drugstore.   I won't allow myself to buy MORE magazine until I've earned the right, every minute of my forty years to indulge in the fabulous surprises of growing older, stronger, wiser, more powerful, more important, more relevant, more purposeful, more wonderful, more inspirational. MORE.

So please refrain from uttering self-deprecating age remarks my beautfiul almost 40 and over girlfriends. Armed with our youthful spirits, we are so much MORE.

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