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I am a light in shining armor.  A rebel.  A mainstream non-conformist if you will.  I am earth and fire.  I am a contrast in personality. A bubbly introvert. I am a love song junkie.      I am passionate and positive and moody.  I am a superstar.  A badass. A sexual being. Sassy. I am a free spirited control freak with passive aggressive perfectionist tendencies and extraordinarily high expectations.  I am all of it without apology. I am authentic and I am whole.  I am the star of my story. 

My life is my art.  I see beauty in most things and find magic everywhere. These are my superpowers.  I collect moments with my camera, I think a lot, and I write as much as I can. I have a relationship with the wind.


My mission is creative expression and liberation. 

I believe in energy, love, karma, kindness and boundaries.

I find joy in sunshine, books, writing, laughing, going out for breakfast, the feel of the wind, chocolate, photography, love songs, my darling children, and all things charming including my husband. 

A few credentials I am a certified Women's Circle facilitator, Warrior Goddess facilitator, owner of Leap and Twirl, LLC providing soul-centered coaching and workshops for women, and co-founder emeritus of The SheHive. My writing pieces have been featured in Bella Grace magazine.





is me


Star of my story.

Andrea Corp

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