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The Damn Phone Call

It's kind of like when you haven't talked to one of your best friends in a very long time.  Each time you reach for the phone to call her, you hesitate and abort the call, because there is just too much to catch up on.  You don't have time for a phone call that would take enough time to summarize all that's been happening in your world through the months.  The call becomes overwhelming. There is too much of everything to say.   You leave it for another day.  Each day you do think of her, but the pressure to call breeds procrastination which fuels the guilt which results in the lack of … [Read More...]

Leap and Twirl

Leap and Twirl is BACK!

It's been quite a while since I've written here at Leap and Twirl.  This is why.: 1) Painful Divorce 2) Lost everything 3)Depressing job search 4) New boyfriend 5)  New job 6) Moved 7) Got Remarried My life changed. It fell apart. The details are too many and unimportant at this stage,but you can get an idea about it here and here. Some of you may remember and you know that  I wrote through the changes and the pain. Then I had to get my life back together... and that meant getting a job.  Getting a big girl job in the full-time real world, although satisfying and necessary, … [Read More...]

This Girl Can

Looking for inspiration to get moving?  You must watch this!  It turns me into a sporty spice wannabe every time... and also GETS me to my exercise studio..... because I want to be that girl which is "THIS GIRL" who CAN. … [Read More...]


Kill the Dream.

Once upon a time there was a girl who would grow up to be a woman, a wife, a mother. She would live in a beautiful house on a lake. Flowers everywhere. Sunshiney days. She would stay at home to raise her sweet kids with their good manners in their perfectly cute outfits, their hair always in place.  She would probably run the PTA.  Her husband would come home from his successful job every night to a delightful house smelling of home cooked meals. The refrigerator would always be stocked with healthy and delicious foods.  She would create a family buzzing with love, energy, fun, smiles. There … [Read More...]

chaming darling of a house

Want from your Soul

***It's been a year since I've updated my blog. I'm not going to explain. Here I am again. THIS IS WHAT I WANT All I want is to live in a cozy little charming darling of a house. Nothing big and fancy I tell you! I want to walk in the sunshine. everday. but I will settle for ALMOST every day.   I want to ride my bike in the wind. The warm wind. I want to wear sundresses and boots and fancy sparkly thingies in my hair. I want to do yoga and breathe in the goodness of each day.  I want to eat popsicles and write in my journal. I want to live in the light. I want to glow with goodness. Be … [Read More...]