It’s Always the Ones You Least Expect

broken heart

Honestly! I don't want to turn this into a Divorce blog because in truth, I'm experiencing a completely fulfilling lovefest with a very special man.  AND that's a whole other subject which I will keep safe and close to my heart for now. BUT.......... A friend sent me a lovely email sending me support. He expressed sympathy for the loss of my marriage, and encouragement for the beginning of my new life. This is a nice example of a friend simply putting their arm around my shoulder and … [Read more...]

Beauty in the Shadows

Focusing on the Light

Again, I'm so remiss with writing.   I have mountains of words and feelings inside my brain and heart...but I haven't allowed myself to unleash them out into the world.  It seems kind of dangerous...and also tiring. A few things you should know. Going through a divorce is fucking hard. It's interesting. It's enlightening. It's painful. Literally, your insides hurt.  They hurt like someone is using your innards as one of those balls that you squeeze in the palm of your hand to relieve stress. … [Read more...]