Nests of Love

vintage girls

“I believe that the circles of women around us weave invisible nests of love that carry us when we’re weak and sing with us when we’re strong. Let’s lean back and let the arms of women’s friendships carry us and help us to know ourselves better, and live our lives together.” ~Sark (from one of my all-time fave books…Succulent Wild Woman)

Star Raising


Debbie Ford is a spiritual author that I follow. You might remember my naked post during which time I was following her Consciousness Cleanse.  Recently, she posted a question that I think is so relevant with regard to my mission as a parent.

“Are you living your parents beliefs? You have the right to choose your future. And if you’re a parent, what can you do to empower your child to choose their own path and follow their own beliefs?”

That very same week, my youngest daughter started a conversation about religion. She was asking me a little bit about atheists and then about christians and what the difference was with what their beliefs were.  She then said this: “What are we?”   I said to her, “Well I will tell you what I believe and why because I think it’s important for you to know…but you are separate from me and it is not up to me to tell you what you should believe.  You will have your own ideas about what is true to your heart and what makes sense to your soul as you learn about life along the way.”

How interesting that our kids naturally think that they need to be whatever we are….what we want them to be.  I think the most crucial thing we can do for our kids is support and empower themto discover who they are ….and mostly …remind them often that they are the stars of their very own story.

Check out this beautiful video essay for the very same kind of inspiration about motherhood. It’s geared towards raising girls…but the message rings true for boys just as well. xo

Leap Project

She dreamed

Mixed Media Artwork by Andrea Clegg

As part of a new project, I am collecting photographs of people….women, men, children, anyone…..YOU taking a leap.   Read my very own leap and twirl story here to understand the origin of this idea.

I invite you to capture the essence of your spirit with random leaps wherever your days take you. Surprise me with different locations and settings. Schedule a photo shoot with your friend….(after all you’re the star of your story) and take turns leaping and twirling all through town. Whenever that desire to take a leap whether it be in the name of  joy, courage, or just plain insanity overcomes you……….set your soul free. Just be sure to snap the moment up in a pic.  Also, I welcome a summary of what your leap represents for you althought it  isn’t necessary.

Please know that I will be gathering these photos to share on my blog and also to use in creating art.  If you are inspired to create your own art with your photo and then send it to me…that’s fabulous too!  Email your Leap and Twirl photos to with “Project Leap” in the subject line.

Most importantly, have fun with this. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!!!!!


maneater framed y'all

Once, a few summers ago, I had a male friend tell me that I’m a man-hater. I was surprised about this accusation and a smidge offended. Little old me? Certainly, I’m a lover…not a hater. Could it have been my passion for girlpower? my respect for Gloria Steinem? This caused me some concern. Because I love men! I love looking at them…flirting with them… talking with them.. joking with them….. fantasizing about them….. being friends with them…. and my heart goes pitter patter over them.

Well, one day, my sparkleberry soul sista was having some relationship trouble. Immediately my manhating defenses jumped in obnoxiously to want to protect my friend from hurt and harm. However, lover in me knows that’s not nice or fair. So I broke down an advice email into two voices. Manhater voice obviously had very different words of wisdom than Manlover.

Upon analyzing this process, my friend and I discovered that if you combine manhater and manlover strategies together in just such a way, you will produce the most dangerous and powerful of all voices…MANEATER. When you evolve into a Maneater ladies… will become the sweetest bitch around town. It’s just another one of our badass philosophies (we are compiling a whole book of them) but I would ask you to try it. Maneating works . You might want to give fair warning to your lover…but at the very least…use your powers responsibly.

FYI: This technique was inspired by this very same friend who had offered advice to me in a similar way.  When I was struggling with a predicament, she had offered her words of advice broken down  into two emails as well……one was from Big Soul Sister and the other from  Little Soul Sister. (Little Soul Sister was way more fun! I prefer to listen to her and that may say something about me. hmmmm )

If you take anything out of this bizarre philosophy, I hope that it’s this.  Breaking down problems and giving or offering advice from two different voices somehow offers more clarity than choosing to stew in hate….or acquiesce in love.

and also this:

  • Don’t be a hater….
  • Unleash the maneater in you.
  • Most importantly, I hope you have a soul sister to share your shit with.



Over at Inspiration Avenue, each week they have new challenges to inspire one’s creativity. Check them out here.  It’s fun!  This week the challenge asks for a representation of what summer means to you.

and here is mine.

The essence of this photo brings to my mind…days gone by where we girls would prick our pinkies becoming blood sisters forever.

Does anything sparkle more than the friendship of  two girls in the sunshine with their favorite swimsuits, blue nailpolish and free spirits?



“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” ~Howard Thurman

Reveling in our aliveness in Charleston, SC on a midnight rickshaw ride under the moonlight with the warm wind whipping through our hair.

Flowers in Hair

Flowers in Hair

This is Chloe. She is quiet in her succulence, yet she makes creative statements to express her wildness underneath.

mixed media artwork by Andrea Clegg